We're a digital studio based in Manchester, who create and maintain cloud-based web and mobile applications.

Founded by Martin Hicks and James Galley, Si Novi is a digital studio with technical expertise in the field of open-source web technologies, cloud hosting and web application security and maintenance.

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We operate as an outsourced technology partner for businesses - building, hosting and maintaining enterprise and line-of-business web applications with trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, NodeJS and React.

Small, lean, focused and agile, Si Novi create modern enterprise software for the web and mobile using trusted web technologies and pushing into new frontiers of web technology and infrastructure.

We specialise in delivering the web technology and infrastructure that powers successful, performant and secure web applications.

Image of James and Martin working together in the Si Novi Studio, Manchester

Together Martin and James form the core of Si Novi. Both are hugely experienced web developers with commercial experience of delivering high-profile projects for some of the largest businesses in the world. We operate efficiently, building software using tools and experience acquired over many years, allowing us to build high-quality platforms and focus on the high-value features unique to each project.

Where necessary we recruit talented individuals and work with other creative agencies, forming teams with diverse skills who can deliver a wide range of digital projects. We can engage with in-house IT teams and work with existing systems and processes, ensuring the interoperability of any software we build.

We have extensive experience of Linux / Apache / MySQL & PHP (LAMP) stack environments, and expertise in specialist web frameworks such as Yii (PHP), React and Stencil (JavaScript). We build and maintain APIs and data processing systems that consume, transform and supply business-critical data. As AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners we provide first-class scalable web hosting and service infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Our software design approach and DevOps processes include considerations of important non-functional requirements:- Security, Data Privacy under the DPA and GDPR, Testing, Availability, Scalability, Reliability and Extensibility.

We strive for operational excellence and to delight our customers and end-users.

As AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners we provide first-class scalable web hosting and service infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.
Small, lean, focused and agile, Si Novi creates modern enterprise software for the web and mobile
We specialise in delivering the web technology and infrastructure that powers successful, performant and secure web applications.
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Profile image of Martin Hicks, Co-founder of Si Novi

Martin Hicks

Martin is an experienced developer, and technology business owner - excelling in producing mobile and web applications for over a decade.

Initially working as a back-end developer in ASP.net and PHP, Martin was inspired by the launch of the first iPhone and began specialising in creating mobile apps using hybrid technologies in 2010.

Martin was able to utilise his expertise in web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML, and expand into hybrid technologies such as Cordova and Ionic, leading the production of apps for the likes of Telegraph Media Group and Jaguar Land Rover.

A firm believer in the web platform, Martin now excels in developing mobile apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and desktop applications that delight users.

In past five years, Martin has become a keen disciple of the serverless and cloud computing movement, and is considered an expert architect in AWS cloud environments - designing and deploying resilient infrastructure to support a range of complex workloads.

James Galley

With over 10 years experience in the digital industry, building web applications and websites for businesses large and small - James knows how to produce web applications the right way.

James excels in creating and maintaining PHP and JavaScript web applications with MySQL Databases. He is an expert at data migration from Excel or other systems, web application security, API connectivity and cloud hosting. As an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner he is an experienced user of Amazon Web Services.

James is an experienced project manager and certified Scrum Product Owner, capable of delivering the technology while being aware of the commercial goals and working closely with other individuals and IT teams.

Recent projects include PHP web application security audits, legacy PHP application migration to the cloud, static site deployment and NodeJS serverless applications.

Profile image of James Galley, Co-founder of Si Novi
Image depicting Si Novi's collaborators & associates

Collaborators & Associates

We are proud to work with an extensive network of fellow technologists, creatives and digital project specialists.

During our career in the internet sector, we've built up some great contacts who we often call upon to work with in the delivery of particular projects.

If an aspect of a project requires skills we don't posses ourselves, we'll suggest that we collaborate with others to achieve your aims.

Examples of skills and services we can call upon include graphic and print design, PRINCE2 and SAFe project management, data analysis and interactive device design and development.

How we work

Our projects are delivered using Agile principles, using the Scrum framework and encompassing typical agile foundations such as user stories and product backlogs.

We encourage iterative scoping throughout projects, rather than attempting to identify all specific features at the beginning in a waterfall methodology.

During an initial scoping phase we, together with your stakeholders, identify the key outcomes and goals, user requirements and non-functional requirements during a collaborative workshop. Then as a project progesses we encourage testing and feedback from all stakeholders and end-users to ensure the application is always taking the correct direction.

We believe that making decisions informed by testing and review, and correcting our course throughout the project always leads to better results.

Image of a Scrum Story Map at Si Novi
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Trust and Transparency

We don't hide behind layers of account executives or product managers.

You'll interact directly with us. We won’t try to baffle you with technical language and we’ll be honest about what we can’t do, and be proud of what we do well.

You can rely on us for our honest opinions, we won’t sugar coat anything or push you in the wrong direction. We have built strong long-term relationships with many clients and we intend to go on doing so.

Experience & Expertise

We’ve been working with the internet and web platforms for over a decade.

We have accumulated a career’s worth of experience in designing and developing software applications for the web and mobile. We are experts in many web technologies, and we know what the best approaches are for particular outcomes.

As well as creating great user experiences and delivering key outcomes, we ensure the delivery of non-functional requirements of software for the web such as security, availability and scalability.


We only work on projects where we can add real value and bring our experience of web technology to bear.

As a small agency we are commissioned on only a handful of projects each year, and so we can bring a deep focus and attention to each project.

If we don’t think we’re right for your project we'll be honest and let you know quickly. We perform the development ourselves, with our own hands. We'll keep working until a project meets its goals.