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We're a digital studio based in Manchester, who create and maintain cloud-based enterprise web and mobile applications. We're technical experts in the field of open-source web technologies, cloud hosting and web application security and maintenance.

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Graphic to illustrate Si Novi as your trusted partner for web-based software

Your trusted partner for web-based software

Let us take responsibility for your web-based technology, and ensure its security, performance and smooth operation.

We've been working with the internet and web platforms since 2005 and have accumulated a career's worth of experience in designing, developing and maintaining software applications for the web and mobile.

We operate as an outsourced technology partner for businesses - designing, building, hosting and maintaining enterprise and line-of-business web applications with trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, NodeJS and React.

We're a small agency with a hands-on approach and no middlemen - we'll work directly with you to help you achieve your goals.

Web application security and maintenance

At Si Novi we take on the responsibility for securing and maintaining your web-based systems.

We audit and secure PHP and JavaScript web applications using industry-standard security technologies and protocols, and ensure applications remain up to date and hardened against common threats. We utilise cloud security systems to protect your websites and applications, and provide you with peace of mind.

We follow best-practice web security principles and consider data privacy under the Data Protection Act and the GDPR.

Read more about how we maintain web applications for Jaguar Land Rover

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Graphic to illustrate Si Novi's High-availability cloud hosting & infrastructure services

High-availability cloud hosting & infrastructure

As certified AWS Cloud Practitioners, we use Amazon Web Services and other cloud systems to build the right infrastructure for your project.

In the current age of cloud computing, the availablity and performance of your web-based systems should no longer be a concern. We'll use our experience and expertise to ensure that your systems are completely reliable.

We have experience ranging from running high-profile and high-performance autoscaling web application workloads in AWS, to providing smaller hosting setups for SME's on traditional VPS Linux or AWS Linux and serverless environments.

You can trust us to provision and manage your website or application hosting, safe in the knowledge that it's being cared for by a team invested in the success of your software and your business.

We can migrate existing applications and websites to cloud infrastructure, bringing benefits in speed and security. We're able to refactor and optimise your applications to make best use of the currently-available technologies such as serverless computing and scalable cloud storage.

“I was very impressed with Si Novi’s technical understanding of the subject matter and greatly value your flexibility and positive attitude throughout the process”
Bryan Hartlin
Principal Consultant, Strategic Sustainability Advisory
Environmental Resources Management
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Web application design and development

Using technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Node.js, Stencil JS and React to produce performant web applications.

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Mobile app development

Platform-agnostic mobile app development using Cordova, React JS, Stencil JS and Ionic. We can deploy to Apple's app store and Android play.

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High-availability cloud hosting & infrastructure

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud providers to architect and build the right cloud infrastructure for your product.

Graphic illustrating Serverless architecture and micro-services

Serverless and micro-services

Using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and API gateway to build highly-scalable serverless systems that reduce dependency.

Graphic illustrating API development

API development

We create secure and performant APIs which deliver data in JSON, HTML or XML. We build applications which consume other public or private APIs.

Graphic illustrating security and data privacy on the web

Security and Data Privacy

We follow OWASP security principles and utilise cloud security technology, with consideration of data privacy under the DPA and the GDPR.

Graphic illustrating user interaction & user experience design

User Interaction & User Experience design (UI/UX)

We design applications to be easy to use, intutive and engaging for their users, testing with and listing to feedback from real-world users.

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Legacy application migration and modernisation

Existing legacy PHP and MySQL applications can be modernised and migrated to cloud infrastructure, with benefits in speed and security.

Graphic illustrating digital products and services

Digital products and services

We can turn your IP or offline processes into SAAS products and digital services, earning renevue through subscriptions or licensing.

“The long-term objective to support our retailer network has always been at the heart of our requirements, and Si Novi have understood this from the beginning. They have suggested changes which we would probably never have considered but which have added value”
Martyn Talbot
Tooling and Equipment Team Leader, Technical Service Operations
Jaguar Land Rover

Founded by two experienced software developers - Martin Hicks and James Galley, Si Novi is a Manchester-based agency capable of delivering high quality and high profile digital projects.

Having worked together in the digital sector for over a decade, Martin and James have acquired the cumulative knowledge, skills and experience required to deliver web and mobile applications at the highest level. Our commercial experience allows us to understand your business and the motivation for your project.

We're proud to be Crown Commercial Service Suppliers, approved as part of the Digital Marketplace and Digital Outcomes and Specialists programme.

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