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Si Novi is a software development company based in Manchester. We build and maintain cloud-based web and mobile apps.
How we work

Collaborative development partners

We operate as an outsourced technology partner for businesses - building, hosting and maintaining cloud-based web and mobile applications with trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Node.js and React.

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Agile and iterative software development

We believe the best results in developing web-based software come from an agile, iterative approach, regular testing and feedback and engagement from all stakeholders

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Web & mobile app development

Using technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Node.js, Stencil JS and React to produce performant web applications and platform-agnostic mobile apps.

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Cloud development, infrastructure and hosting

As certified AWS Cloud Practitioners and Developers at Associate level, we use Amazon Web Services and other cloud systems to build the right infrastructure for your project.

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Rapid Prototyping

Cost-effective development of ideas using web and cloud technologies to build prototype or proof-of-concept web and mobile applications.

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Digital Transformation

Developing web applications and using Cloud and SaaS services to create automated and integrated business processes, bringing cost savings and efficiency.

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Support & Maintenance

At Si Novi we are experienced in supporting and maintaining PHP and JavaScript applications, together with their underlying hosting environments and software.

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Serverless and microservices

Using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and API gateway to build highly-scalable serverless systems that reduce dependency.

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API development

We create secure and performant APIs which deliver data in JSON, HTML or XML. We build applications which consume other public or private APIs.

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Security and Data Privacy

We follow OWASP security principles and utilise cloud security technology, with consideration of data privacy under the DPA and the GDPR.

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User Interaction & User Experience design (UI/UX)

We design applications to be easy to use, intutive and engaging for their users, testing with and listing to feedback from real-world users.

Graphic illustrating web application migration

Legacy application migration and modernisation

Existing legacy PHP and MySQL applications can be modernised and migrated to cloud infrastructure, with benefits in speed and security.

Graphic illustrating digital products and services

Digital products and services

We can turn your IP or offline processes into SAAS products and digital services, earning renevue through subscriptions or licensing.

“The relationship between us is genuinely a partnership rather than a supplier/customer scenario. They have suggested changes which we would probably never have considered but which have added value.”
Martyn Talbot

Tooling and Equipment Team Leader, Technical Service Operations

Jaguar Land Rover

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