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Serverless Development

AWS Lambda end of support for Node.js 10

2nd June 2021

AWS are withdrawing support for Node.js 10 in Lambda functions from 30th July 2021, so updating Lambda functions to a new Node.js runtime will be critical.

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API Development

Tools of the Trade: Postman

4th August 2020

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are an integral part of the web platform, allowing software systems to communicate through defined interactions and requests.

Read about how we use the Postman app to build, test and deploy the APIs that power the web and mobile applications we develop.

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Screenshot of Postman API development

Software Development

Operating under lockdown;
The New Normal

12th May 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected individuals and businesses across the globe, and here at Si Novi we too have needed to adapt. But we're fortunate that we can keep operating, even learning and improving from the "new normal" ways of remote working.

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Image of Manchester-based Digital Studio, Si Novi

AWS Development

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Platform Version Retirement

19th February 2020

Elastic Beanstalk is AWS' web application platform, designed for the deployment and scaling of web applications developed with technologies such as PHP. In this article we discuss Elastic Beanstalk platform version retirement and how to migrate to latest platform versions.

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Image of the AWS Elastic Beanstalk console for Platform Version Retirement

AWS Development

Web Application Dashboards in AWS CloudWatch

7th February 2020

Amazon Web Services' CloudWatch service offers powerful logging, charting and dashboard features. In this article we consider the use cases for use CloudWatch to create application monitoring dashboards, as well as building dashboard applications in their own right.

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Web Application Migration

Upgrading Yii 1 web applications

13th December 2019

We're coming to the end of our latest Yii 1 upgrade project, one of our largest Yii 1 migrations to date - and a good time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that updating from Yii 1 brings.

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Screenshot of Yii2 version

Cloud Services

AWS re:Invent 2019

8th December 2019

As AWS developers we enjoy following the flagship AWS event in Las Vegas each December, for technology launches and Cloud development inspiration.

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Serverless Development

Making Node.js 8.x upgrade plans for AWS Lambda

21st October 2019

Node.js 8 becomes end-of-life on December 31st 2019, so we're making plans now to update our AWS Lambda functions

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public sector delivery

Digital Outcomes & Specialists 4

1st October 2019

We're proud to once again be Crown Commercial suppliers as part of the Digital Outcomes & Specialists programme.

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Screenshot of Digital Outcomes website


AWS User Group North - September 2019 Meetup

27th September 2019

The AWS User Group North Meetup group came together again in September 2019, at Booking.com's offices in central Manchester.

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Photo of from the AWS User Group North September 2019 Meetup


Static website URL optimisation with AWS serverless

26th September 2019

We created a serverless solution using Node.js and AWS Lambda@Edge, hosted within the AWS Serverless Repository, which we now use to optimise the URL redirection on all our static website deployments.

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Screenshot of Si Novi's Serverless Application for Static website URL optimisation

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