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AWS S3 Cloud Storage

Amazon S3 best practice security changes for new buckets

25th April 2023

In April 2023 Amazon S3 will change the default security configuration for all new S3 buckets, making buckets private by default across all creation mechanisms

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AWS Development

Event-driven serverless architectures

8th December 2022

At Si Novi we specilise in building and designing serverless architectures. We explain the benefits of serverless computing, and introduce some key components of the serverless computing model, such as AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and event-driven architecture.

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AWS Compute

Amazon EC2 Launch Configurations deprecation

30th November 2022

Amazon EC2 Launch Configurations will deprecate support for new instances from the end of December 2022

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Serverless Development

AWS withdrawing Lambda support for Node.js 12

16th August 2022

Node.js 12 is being withdrawn as a supported runtime for AWS Lambda functions from 14th November 2022, so any Lambda functions currently using this runtime will need to be updated.

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AWS Summit 2022

In review: AWS Summit London 2022

2nd July 2022

With the AWS Summit London restored following a 2-year COVID-19 hiatus, we were thrilled to attend the summit at ExCel London in April 2022.

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Serverless Development

AWS Lambda end of support for Node.js 10

2nd June 2021

AWS are withdrawing support for Node.js 10 in Lambda functions from 30th July 2021, so updating Lambda functions to a new Node.js runtime will be critical.

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API Development

Tools of the Trade: Postman

4th August 2020

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are an integral part of the web platform, allowing software systems to communicate through defined interactions and requests.

Read about how we use the Postman app to build, test and deploy the APIs that power the web and mobile applications we develop.

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Software Development

Operating under lockdown; The New Normal

12th May 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected individuals and businesses across the globe, and here at Si Novi we too have needed to adapt. But we're fortunate that we can keep operating, even learning and improving from the "new normal" ways of remote working.

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AWS Development

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Platform Version Retirement

19th February 2020

Updating your AWS Elastic Beanstalk platform versions should happen regularly, but even with regular updates you might occasionally need to migrate away from a retiring platform version.

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AWS Development

Web Application Dashboards in AWS CloudWatch

7th February 2020

Amazon Web Services' CloudWatch service offers powerful logging, charting and dashboard features. In this article we consider the use cases for use CloudWatch to create application monitoring dashboards, as well as building dashboard applications in their own right.

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