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Cloud hosting & infrastructure

As certified AWS Developers, we use Amazon Web Services and other cloud systems to build the right infrastructure for your project.

At Si Novi we design and deploy high-performance autoscaling web application workloads in AWS, provision smaller hosting setups on traditional VPS Linux or AWS Linux, and create serverless infrastructure.

We operate as an outsourced development and DevOps team, providing experienced and qualified expertise on Cloud hosting and deployment.

Working primarily in AWS, our team can help you deploy your applications to the cloud and support and manage your Cloud hosting environments to ensure their reliability and security.


What is Cloud hosting & Infrastructure?

Traditionally, websites and applications were hosted on single dedicated or shared servers. At the bottom end of the spectrum, shared hosting is cheap and readily available off-the-shelf by many online vendors. Shared hosting can be very cheap, perhaps only £5 a month - but your application will be on the same server as any number of other websites, with risks of performance and security interference. At the other end, dedicated servers can run to hundreds of pounds a month but do come with the benefit of reserved capacity and performance. In both cases however the servers are located in a single rack of a single data centre - a potentially vulnerable scenario if the data centre experiences problems.

The Cloud offers a different model for hosting websites and applications. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services can offer both cost-effective web hosting, while also providing unlimited scalability, redundancy and security. The Cloud made up of various components such as compute, database, networking and storage which are all distributed globally to provide a safe and secure web where no individual component can be a weak point.

For this reason we often refer to 'Cloud Infrastructure' rather than 'Cloud Hosting', because the deployment of web applications in the Cloud is far more than hosting the app on a server - it's about choosing the right components and building the right combination to fulfil the needs of your website or application.

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How Si Novi can deliver cost-effective Cloud hosting for you

We have experience ranging from running high-profile and high-performance autoscaling web application workloads in AWS, to providing smaller hosting setups for SME's on traditional VPS Linux or AWS Linux and serverless environments.

We'll work with you as a trusted partner, your outsourced development and DevOps team, helping you make the best decisions for your business and then delivering the technology behind it.

You can trust us to provision and manage your website or application hosting, safe in the knowledge that it's being cared for by a team invested in the success of your software and your business.

We can migrate existing applications and websites to cloud infrastructure, bringing benefits in speed and security. We're able to refactor and optimise your applications to make best use of the currently-available technologies such as serverless computing and scalable cloud storage.

In the current age of cloud computing, the availability and performance of your web-based systems should no longer be a concern. We'll use our experience and expertise to design and provision the appropriate Cloud infrastructure ensure that your systems are completely reliable.

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