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User Interface & User Experience design (UI/UX)

We believe that good web applications are intuitive and easy to use.

At Si Novi we have extensive experience of building web and mobile applications where the user experience and interface are key to the success of the product.

We work with you to research, design and develop the correct approach to building web-based software that will delight your customers or end-users. As an outsourced development team we can provide cost-effective development services to supplement your existing design and marketing teams, and deliver high-quality front-end development.


User Experience Design

For web-based software, digital products and services, User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with those applications or digital services. User Experience Design aims to enhance the customer’s satisfaction with, and sense of familiarity and ease-of-use with a web-based app or website.

Much of the work performed within User Experience Design isn’t coding - it’s the strategy, planning, and testing and analysis of user experiences to ensure that the end-user is delighted and engaged with their experience of the software, and is able to achieve their end goals. During a UX project we might consider the following aspects:


User Interface Design

For web applications and websites, User Interface Design is a process of visually guiding and informing the user as they interact with a product’s interface via the interactive elements of the website, browser and device - and across all types of platforms or devices.

At Si Novi we build user interfaces every day, often using front-end development toolkits like Bootstrap, Ionic or Stencil JS. We are keenly aware of the importance of making web-based software interfaces intuitive, in order to fully engage the users and inspire confidence in the software. During most projects we’ll make UI considerations including the following:

  • UI Prototyping
  • Use of UI tools and libraries like Bootstrap, Ionic and Stencil JS
  • Interactivity, animation and feedback
  • Device responsivity for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Front-end development
  • Design Research
  • Branding and Graphic Development
  • User testing


Collaborating with other creative agencies

Bringing together several diverse perspectives into user experience and user interface design can often bring valuable insights.

We often work with other creative agencies to collaborate on web and digital projects. By combining our specialist skills in web software development with the design, UI and marketing expertise of another agency we can together produce high quality digital products and services.

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