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Web and Mobile app development

At Si Novi we have extensive experience designing, building and maintaining web and mobile applications using trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Node.js and React.

We've been working with the internet and web platforms since 2005 and have accumulated a career's worth of experience in designing, developing and maintaining software applications for the web and mobile.

Based in Manchester, we operate as an outsourced technology partner for businesses - designing, building, hosting and maintaining cloud-based web applications, mobile apps and PWA's with trusted web platform technologies such as Node.js, JavaScript, Web Components, PHP, MySQL.

We're a small agency with a hands-on approach and no middlemen - we'll work directly with you to help you achieve your goals.


Web applications for businesses

At Si Novi we create web software for businesses. This may be internal operations software - order management, inventory, CRM or bespoke web-based software to perform processes and functions unique to your business. You may also wish to develop and scale your business services on the web and so we can develop and deploy bespoke software that allows you to offer your services online.

We've built web-based software for global businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover, and unique UK-based manufacturers such as Medem UK.


Modern platform-agnostic mobile apps

We've worked with clients such as the Telegraph Media Group and Marshalls PLC, developing platform-agnostic apps in React, Angular & Ionic. We deploy mobile apps to both the Apple App store and the Android Play store.

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Outsourced development in Manchester

Si Novi is based in a studio in Manchester, our team operating as a ‘nearshore' development team for any business that requires assistance with developing, hosting or maintaining web-based software.

Typically we work with creative agencies, consultancies and their clients, or businesses in their own right to help you develop web and mobile applications.

We work with you to research, design and develop the correct approach to building web-based software that will delight your customers or end-users. As an outsourced development team we can provide cost-effective development services to supplement existing IT, design and marketing teams, and deliver high-quality web development.

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