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API development

We create secure and performant APIs which deliver data in JSON, HTML or XML, and we build applications which consume other public or private APIs.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface or communication protocol between two systems. API's make it possible for systems to communicate with each other, using a defined language and rules for requests and responses.

Modern web applications make extensive use of APIs to communicate to and from servers into client applications.

For businesses, building APIs into your web-based systems opens up opportunities for integration, Digital Transformation and reporting and analysis.

At Si Novi we have extensive experience in both building bespoke APIs and consuming existing APIs, in many data formats such as JSON, HTML or XML.


Creating custom APIs

At Si Novi we design and build bespoke APIs for businesses, typically for the end goal of opening up existing data for consumption by other systems. Businesses may wish to integrate several systems, perhaps as part of a Digital Transformation project, and we can assist in identifying the best way to approach and build bespoke APIs to connect digital systems.

We typically build API services using back-end technologies like PHP, Node.js and MySQL. APIs can also be created using serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, and using other AWS Services such as API Gateway, CloudFront and Cognito can bring powerful features such as performance, caching and authentication.

We always consider web security a vital element of designing and building bespoke APIs for web applications. When building an API we'll make considerations of authentication of users, authorisation of users to make particular requests, validation of data and user input, encryption of data - and much more. We'll work with you as your trusted outsourced development team to understand the scope of your needs and deliver the right level of web security technology for your project.


Consuming APIs

We are often tasked with consuming data from existing APIs, which may be providing data in JSON, XML or other data structures.

We're experienced at building on top of existing PHP and JavaScript software to consume API data and bring external data into your application.

Typical use cases in this scenario are:

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