how we work

Collaborative development partners

We operate as an outsourced technology partner for businesses - building, hosting and maintaining cloud-based web and mobile applications with trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, NodeJS and React.

We specialise in delivering the web technology and infrastructure that powers successful, performant and secure web applications.

Operating as an outsourced technology partner for businesses, we support you through building, hosting and maintaining enterprise and line-of-business web applications with trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, NodeJS and React.

Creative Agencies

Collaborating with creative agencies

Other creative agencies in the design, user-experience and marketing sectors turn to us to provide expert web development and cloud infrastructure for their projects.

We’ve worked with Off Grid, an independent design studio who commission us to provide web development and deployment services into their projects.

Working together, they can focus on their love of design inspired by nature and the outdoors, while we take care of the technology - delivering web-based software without need for oversight or management.

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Image of Off Grid, an independent design studio

Supporting consultancies

Providing outsourced development for
consultancies and their clients

We work with a range of consultancy firms who engage us to assist with web-based software development and cloud architecture to deliver digital projects for their clients.

By combining your subject-matter expertise with our experience and intimate knowledge of web-based platforms, we can together develop complex bespoke digital projects for your clients. We can deliver both extensive projects lasting several months, down to small prototype or proof-of-concept applications to test ideas.

Our long-term relationship with Redsnipe, a specialist automotive consultancy, has resulted in many years of successful software delivery for Jaguar Land Rover. We’ve worked with global environmental consultancy Environmental Resources Management on web-based applications for lifecycle assessment, carbon calculations and digital document generation.

Supporting business

Supporting businesses as an outsourced team

We work directly with businesses of all sizes as an outsourced development team, providing web and mobile development, web security audits and remediation, PHP application support and maintenance and managed cloud hosting.

Si Novi can become your trusted development partner, working with you to develop the right web-based software solutions for your business, without the need to hire a full-time team or manage a project yourself.

We’ve worked with UK-based electronics manufacturer Medem for nearly a decade, together designing and developing web-based software that they use every day in their business operations. We continue to support and maintain their software, ensuring its continued smooth operation, security and reliability.

Image of Si Novi team working with laptops and notepads

How we work

Why work with Si Novi

We offer a different approach to the alternatives - such as hiring a freelancer, commissioning a “full-service” agency or even hiring your own permanent staff of web developers.

As a small team we offer more reliability than a freelancer, plus the commercial experience and technical expertise to work independently without oversight. You can trust us to manage your projects as well as deliver the technology, reducing your workload and time investment.

We offer better value for money than a full-service agency, as we don’t have an expensive payroll roster of people who aren’t relevant to your project. Our scale-up team provides core web development skills, and is supplemented with specialists only when required.

At Si Novi we believe fundamentally in high-quality web-based software, ensuring all non-functional requirements are met, including security, scalability and reliability. We consider all aspects of web development so tasks like optimising assets, ensuring appropriate HTTP security headers, normalising relational databases and validating our HTML are just part of what we do. We really do go the extra mile.

Working with Si Novi you can interact directly with the people who will deliver your project, as we become your trusted partner and outsourced development team for web-based software.

“I was very impressed with Si Novi’s technical understanding of the subject matter and greatly value your flexibility and positive attitude throughout the process”
Bryan Hartlin
Partner, Sustainability Strategy
Environmental Resources Management

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