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Developing digital products and services

We will help you design and build your own cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, and host, maintain and scale them with you as they grow.

Our extensive industry expertise in developing web-based software, goes hand-in-hand with our experience of developing our own Software-as-a-Service products. These include our RiskFly application, for Event Production Risk Management, and Enunci, an AI-powered web application which automatically transcribes meeting recordings.

This experience gives us a unique perspective and the knowledge of what it takes to design and develop a digital product and bring it to market.


Developing Software-as-a-service applications

Designing and building web-based software for your own business often takes place due to your own genuine business need - but other businesses may benefit from and be willing to pay for the same software, if it was available to the public.

Working with us, you can both develop web-based software for your own business, but also build that software in a way that allows it to be sold out to the wider market. Together we can design and develop the software, with your subject-matter expertise of your business sector and our experience and skills in web technologies combining to create a successful product.

You may be considering developing a SaaS product targeted at a specific sector such as healthcare (known as Vertical SaaS), or focusing on a sector-agnostic category of software such as Sales, CRM or HR (known as Horizontal SaaS).

Developing a SaaS product or digital service with Si Novi will involve all our usual agile working processes. We’ll work iteratively, creating minimum viable products at every stage, and using trusted open source web technologies. You may wish to consider creating a prototype or proof-of-concept application to conduct market research before investing fully in your product.

Digital Products

Productising your Intellectual Property

At Si Novi we work with you to develop web-based platforms that can offer your business expertise and intellectual property to a global customer base. By developing web-based Software-as-a-service applications, we can digitise your service offering and allow you to scale your business online.

We've worked with businesses that have proprietary processes, data workflows and computational algorithms - but that are often baked into manual processes, involving Excel Spreadsheets or other desktop software. Usually the Excel processes have become complex, slow and unworkable over time, and this limits the commercial scalability of your offering. The need for a web-based application emerges, at which point we can assist, guiding you through the right technology choices and conceptual approach.

We can help to replicate these proprietary aspects of your business into web-based software, which can then be deployed to a potentially global audience.

The newly developed software can be sold to your customers through a variety of mechanisms, such as licensing agreements or online payments taken via payment gateways such as Stripe. We've also developed applications that contain their own invoicing systems, integrating with accountancy software such as Xero or Sage.

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Cloud Technology

The technology of digitising services

As Cloud development specialists we build all our web-based software in the Cloud, leveraging powerful cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Azure. We're experts at choosing the right technology for your Software-as-a-Service application.

We use trusted web technologies such as HTML & JavaScript as well as modern frameworks like React and Stencil to build effective web and mobile applications.

But at the core of every service digitisation project is the understanding of your existing technologies, such as your proprietary Excel spreadsheet models.

Replacing Excel spreadsheet models with web applications is something we're hugely experienced at, and the process of reverse engineering spreadsheet models is often part of our Digital Transformation projects with clients.

Our first steps in replacing spreadsheet models are to completely understand the workings of the Excel model, the business processes behind it and what the user’s inputs and outputs should be. Then we set about replicating this functionality as a web application, realising the benefits that the web platform brings - things like authentication, scalability and a shared globally-available system.

At a very simplistic level, we use web technologies such as server programming languages to replicate the spreadsheet formulae and SQL or schemaless databases to replicate the data storage.

The result is a web-based version of your offline process, that you can scale and share with existing and new customers.

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Joint Ventures

Creating digital products as a Joint Venture

We're always keen to explore ways of working in collaboration with other businesses to deliver digital products and services.

The up-front costs of developing web-based software can often be reduced by exploring other mechanisms of payment, for example equity sharing or in sharing the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of a software product.

As always with our clients we're looking to build a long-term relationships, and so we'd be glad to consider mutually-benefical joint venture software development projects. Having all parties invested in the success of the product can only lead to stronger outcomes.

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How to get started with SaaS product development

Contact us today to begin the conversation about developing your own SaaS products or digital services. We'd love to hear more about your business and your product ideas, and how we can help you to design, develop and deploy them to the web.

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