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Digital Transformation

We've delivered a wide range of Digital Transformation projects for businesses in the North West and around the UK, through the development of bespoke web-based software.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is the use of digital technology to improve business operations or digitise business services. This might include the use of cloud services, bespoke web applications and software-as-a-service products to create automated and integrated business processes, digitise your service offering, and bring benefits of efficiency, scalability and cost savings.

At Si Novi we've delivered Digital Transformation projects for a range of clients, from SME's to global businesses. The common thread in all these projects is the use of the web platform to optimise, automate and scale the business processes. We create web and mobile applications in the Cloud, and integrate systems using API's and databases so that business systems are no longer manual and isolated.

We deliver web-based applications and integrations, together with important considerations of Cloud infrastructure, security and stability that will make your Digital Transformation projects successful.

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Digital Transformation for all

We believe Digital Transformation is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Technology is now more affordable than ever and Digital Transformation can be achieved piece-by-piece.

We work in partnership with businesses to listen and understand your Digital Transformation strategy and business goals. No-one knows the pinch-points of your business like you do, so our approach is always to understand your needs first. We offer our expertise as technologists and software developers to suggest options and help you decide which solution is appropriate.

Digital Transformation can be delivered in small steps, each working towards your overall digital transformation strategy, but limiting your risk and investment at each stage.

It's simpler than it sounds

Digital Transformation can mean lots of different things to different businesses. You may be considering:

  • Replacing offline processes like Excel spreadsheets
  • Data gathering & storage
  • Digitising your data backup & restore processes
  • Automation
  • Process Digitisation
  • Systems Integration
  • Migrating from legacy systems
  • Using third-party software solutions like Zapier, ITTT or Twilio
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Redundancy of systems or data
  • Cloud migration or the use of specific cloud services

Each of these concepts can itself be expanded and tackled as individual projects, focusing on the aspects of your business that will benefit most from digitisation.

Our work

An example of Digital Transformation

Working with Jaguar Land Rover, we designed a web-based application to manage current service tooling and distribute information to JLR's global network of retailers. This application has delivered reliable and cost-effective distribution of JLR's tooling information in 13 languages and for over 40 geographical regions around the world since 2015.

This process started out as Excel spreadsheet with Visual Basic macros - which was slow, involved lots of manual steps, and was difficult to share world-wide. We reverse-engineered the spreadsheet mechanics and designed the application database and user-interfaces to mimic and improve the tooling distribution process. Leveraging the power of the web platform, we designed an application that would deliver tooling information around the world, over the internet at the click of a button.

Read more about how we implemented Digital Transformation with Jaguar Land Rover
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How to get started with Digital Transformation

Contact us today to begin the conversation about Digital Transformation. We will work with you as an outsourced web technology team, offering you our experience and know-how in the delivery of web-based software to realise your Digital Transformation ambitions.

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