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Web application Cloud migration and modernisation

Existing legacy web applications can be modernised and migrated to the cloud bringing benefits of security and scalability.

Migrating web applications to the cloud is sometimes referred to as “Lift and Shift” - lifting your existing application from its former home on a traditional VPS or dedicated server and migrating it to a Cloud environment.

Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have revolutionised the web hosting options, and allow powerful but cost-effective web infrastructure to be available to businesses of all sizes.


Why migrate to the Cloud?

There are many benefits of Cloud hosting:

  • Cost savings - Cloud hosting is modular and configurable, and so can be tailored precisely to the demands of your application. Furthermore by modernising your application and utilising serverless microservices, you can sometimes run parts of your web systems at no cost.
  • Reliability & Redundancy - Rather than hosting your important web systems on a vulnerable single server, Cloud hosting can be configured to use multiple servers, cached content delivery and self-healing systems to ensure that your systems are always available.
  • Security - Cloud providers such as AWS have numerous tools for enhancing the security of your web applications. We utilise AWS’s Firewall and DDoS solutions to secure web applications in the cloud.
  • Scalability - If your business is growing your web systems must grow with it. Cloud infrastructure is capable of scaling infinitely, using highly efficient services for content delivery and data storage.

At Si Novi we are experienced at helping businesses migrate their web applications to the cloud.


Don’t replace, modernise and recycle

If you’re evaluating the cost effectiveness of replacing or rebuilding your existing legacy applications, then spare a thought for migrating and modernising your web application.

Existing PHP applications can be given a new lease of life when brought up to modern standards. While we advocate regular support and maintenance of PHP applications, it’s often the case that websites or applications are not maintained and become elderly - performing badly, throwing errors and no longer serving their purpose.

At Si Novi we have delivered application modernisation for our clients, improving existing PHP applications and ensuring they continue to operate for years to come.

Modernising your web systems might form part of your wider Digital Transformation strategy, and at Si Novi we’re experienced at advising on which aspects of web technology are worth hanging on to and modernising, and which are better to be replaced entirely.

As specialists in the Yii PHP framework, we're experts at migrating Yii 1 applications to Yii 2, and modernising legacy Yii applications in order to make them more secure and compatible with current web standards.


Cloud Migration and modernisation services we offer

  • Migrating entire websites or applications to the cloud, to improve reliability and cut hosting costs - “Lift and Shift”
  • Upgrading websites and applications to be compatible with latest PHP versons
  • Refactoring web applications to optimise and improve their operation
  • Replacing aspects of web applications with serverless or microservice processes
  • Developing APIs to allow applications to communicate and integrate

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