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Rapid Prototype & Proof-of-concept development

Web and cloud technologies are powerful tools for experimenting and building prototype or proof-of-concept applications.

At Si Novi we are accustomed to developing prototype web and mobile applications, both as an outsourced technology team for clients, and in the development of our own software systems.

Prototyping or building proof-of-concept applications is an important stage in the development of web-based software. Before fully committing time and investing in a project, performing prototyping and research can reveal previously unseen challenges or identify software features essential to success.

Si Novi’s experienced team are able to deliver alpha-phase software development of prototype and proof-of-concept applications.


Rapid development to test ideas

We build prototype and proof-of-concept applications using typical web technologies such as PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, plus we utilise cloud computing components where a lot of the heavy lifting is done for you. By leveraging cloud products like AWS Cognito and AWS API Gateway, web applications can be quickly scaffolded in order to test ideas.

We may also utilise other services such as Excel spreadsheets, Google apps or other third-party software solutions to build up a prototype application. In fact, you may have already reached this stage of a prototype, and are looking for a developer to take it further and build a proof-of-concept web application based on your initial spreadsheet prototypes.

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Prototypes as a valuable building block

We strive to build prototype or proof-of-concept applications as building blocks for the future product. Ideally prototypes should be reusable and valuable assets to be built on or refactored into a more polished end product.

By using Cloud technologies such as serverless applications and microservices, we can create infrastructure-based applications that will serve as cost-effective prototypes, but can also be re-used for a future production application.

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How to get started with prototype development

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