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PHP application support & maintenance

We are the go-to team for PHP website and application support & maintenance. Having created, supported and hosted web-based applications in PHP and Javascript for over a decade, we're experienced at maintaining web application reliability.

We believe it's vital that websites and web and mobile applications are supported and maintained throughout their lifetime, in order to keep them secure, performant and delivering the goals for which they were originally built.

PHP applications benefit from regular maintenance to ensure that the underlying software versions are kept up-to-date, bringing security and performance gains.

At Si Novi we have vast experience in supporting and maintaining PHP and JavaScript applications, together with their underlying hosting environments and software.

As well as being Yii framework specialists, we are able to take on PHP projects written in any major PHP framework including Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony and CakePHP, as well as bespoke PHP applications.


How Si Novi can support your PHP application

PHP is a programming language that powers some of the world's highest profile websites and applications, and it's commonly used to create websites and web-based systems for businesses of all sizes.

You may have an existing PHP website, back office CRM, order platform or other business operations system. Your application may have been custom built by a freelance developer or agency many years ago, and is now showing its age.

We work with businesses as your outsourced technology team, taking on responsibility for the support and maintenance of your web-based systems.

We'll begin with an initial audit of your website or application, which will enable us to provide recommendations for maintenance tasks, and help us guide you into choosing the right support package for your business needs.

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More than just insurance

We offer a range of support packages, based on monthly or annual fees and including proactive as well as reactive support.

More than just an insurance policy, our support packages include regular maintenance of your web-based software.

We'll update you regularly on our activities - so you'll always know you're getting value for your investment, and the reassurance that your systems are in good hands.


A proven record of support relationships

We've worked with our clients for many years, supporting their websites and application

For Manchester-based electronics manufacturer Medem, we've supported and maintained their web-based operations platform and websites since 2010.

Running on a variety of AWS Cloud and traditional Linux hosting platforms, Medem's web systems are critical to their business operations. We work as Medem's outsourced web team, providing regular maintenance and security updates to both their infrastructure and applications.


What to do about PHP ‘deprecated' errors

These errors are common when the PHP software version on your hosting server has been updated - but your website or application is incompatible with the new version of PHP.

We're experienced in resolving these kind of deprecation errors. We are able to modify your application code and make it compatible with modern PHP versions, restoring your website functionality quickly.

Longer term, this kind of event can be avoided with regular PHP application support and maintenance. At Si Novi we will proactively support and maintain your web systems to ensure they do not develop problems.

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