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Collaborating with creative agencies

Creative agencies turn to us to provide expert web development and cloud infrastructure for their projects. We operate as an outsourced technology partner - building, hosting and maintaining cloud-based web and mobile applications.

We love working with creative agencies, collaborating on digital projects and combining our technical expertise in web and mobile development with your creative flair.

Based in Manchester, we're connected to some of the UK's best known brands and creative agencies, and we're proud to work together with other digital businesses to create amazing web-based software.

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Collaborating on digital projects

Operating as an outsourced technology partner for businesses, we support you through building, hosting and maintaining enterprise and line-of-business web applications with trusted web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, NodeJS and React.

Other creative agencies in the design, user-experience and marketing sectors commission us provide expert web development and cloud infrastructure for their projects.

Our small development team can provide a broad range of web development skills, both the back-end development of CMS systems and bespoke apps and the front-end creation of websites and interfaces from your creative designs.

We have extensive experience and expertise in deploying website and applications to the cloud. We can support high-profile launches with high-performance cloud hosting, ensuring that your client's big reveal goes off without a hitch.

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Image of Off Grid, an independent design studio


What we offer

At our Manchester-based studio we offer web development services including:

  • Web and mobile app development
  • Deployment of web applications into the cloud, and mobile apps into the Apple App Store and Android Play
  • High-performance cloud hosting in AWS for worry-free high-profile launches
  • Front-end and back-end development in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, React and Angular
  • Independent management and an experienced, trusted team

We can operate either as a named collaborative partner or as a white-labelled development team, producing new web and mobile applications or supporting and hosting existing software. We're accustomed to co-authoring proposal and tender documents, providing the technical background for software solutions together with your creative spark to create winning pitches.

Working with Si Novi you can interact directly with the people who will deliver your project, as we become your trusted partner and outsourced development team for web-based software.

Creative Agencies

Working with Off Grid

We’ve worked with Off Grid, an independent design studio who commission us to provide web development and deployment services into their projects.

Working together, they can focus on their love of design inspired by nature and the outdoors, while we take care of the technology - delivering web-based software without need for oversight or management.

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Image of Off Grid, an independent design studio

How we work

Why work with Si Novi

We offer a different approach to commissioning a freelancer or hiring your own permanent staff of web developers.

As a small team we offer stability and reliability, plus the commercial experience and technical expertise to work independently without oversight. You can trust us to manage your projects as well as deliver the technology, reducing your workload and time investment.

At Si Novi we believe fundamentally in delivering high-quality web-based software, ensuring all non-functional requirements are met, including security, performance and SEO. We consider all aspects of web development so tasks like optimising assets, ensuring appropriate HTTP security headers, provisioning SSL certificates and validating our HTML are just part of what we do. We really do go the extra mile.

We generally work on fixed-price quotes - and we'll commit to delivering what we've said we'll do, so you'll know how to price our contribution into your own proposals or project costs.

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